Business Development Executive

Behind my high school was a slum, it was an area where dwellings were unfit for human habitation, overcrowding, lack of ventilation and sanitation facility and having drinking water facilities in unhygienic conditions.This served as a premise for me to unconsciously love an innate desire to serve poor people around me.Since then,I started to participate in social activities around me.In my high school,I was selected as a Prefect of school because of my interest and active participation in social work.I realised that we can use technology to help them,so I decided to take the field of engineering afterwards. Developing on this and on the perception of the greater good,I further researched and found out that electrical engineering and specifically Business Administration is what I am meant to study in my educational career to properly grasp the sources of social causes and to come up with solutions.It seemed as the voice of my heart moved me to pursue this field.Cheap electrical energy and latest developments in Renewable sources of energy fascinated me a lot. The first reason I want to pursue this programme is the practicality of the programme. As it is obvious from the profile that I persisted with my field in both education and application,I will be pleased to join this highly efficient program because of its unique and applied approach. Another important significance for me is my interest in social education by which we can concentrate on a solution for the common global issues like poverty.For instance,how can we teach poor children and women? During my college, I started an NGO name SSLM(Sir Syed literacy Mission) to teach and guide poor children working in University Canteens and local dhabas.The model was simple, you don’t have to go anywhere to serve just look around your neighbourhood .Around hundreds of students joined this mission.Under this Mission, we organised many other activities like clothes donation camp, books donation camps, etc. The real world has complex and ever-changing problems, therefore this programme will help me in learning how these open-ended real-time cases are solved creating new and contemporary interventions for the society. Apart from this, cross-cultural teams give an invaluable experience that will impart one of its kind advantages. I expect this program to enhance my present research and practical skills and to build those competencies in me that are vital for success in the complex environment. In my home country India, there is a serious lack of electrical engineers who want to work for rural electrification and development, I believe in my abilities and skills to outshine in this domain. I would also like to continue the legacy by taking back all the knowledge and exposure back to my home country and set a trend for this emerging field of Renewable energy. I have worked upon a research project in my seventh -semester course – Electrical engineering on “Artificial neural networks based speed control of Permanent Magnet Motor ”. Similarly, during my Summer internship, I worked at a thermal power plant and studied electrical energy distribution,including these two projects I worked on five other projects during my engineering and four projects in my Master.My Project on Electrical Automation was sponsored by the Government of India and the world Bank. Besides my studies and NGO, I was also a member of IEEE and under IEEE I organised many national and international Events to promote Education. I am a member of local NGOs and on a regular basis, I actively participate in the programme. While I was doing Masters, through an NGO programme I got in touch with handicraft workers, I studied their lifestyle and their business model. Even when the handicraft industry is in demand, their exportation rate is very high and frequent buyers are USA, Germany, France and the Gulf countries,Products are sold over ten times or higher of their values in the market. But unfortunately, handicraft workers which are mostly women in rural areas remain with only penny because the mediators take all the benefits. I did research on it and worked on marketing strategies which these workers should adopt to direct sell their products in the market. I presented my paper in an International conference “Make in India” and my hard work was well appreciated by teachers and peers. One more thing I would like to mention here is that during my engineering we made the largest envelope of the world and addressed it to the United Nations and stuffed with messages in support of world peace, I was the Head of Design Team who created this envelope and I managed around two hundred students under me for this project. My efforts were appreciated by Guinness World Records team and they honoured me with their official Certificate by my name on it. Until now, it has been a good start but this is just a beginning which I want to convert into something substantial. I want to achieve much more in my field through this distinctive opportunity. Thank you for reading.